Segregation of Municipal Solid Waste

STEPS introduce a sofisticated technology to solve the problems being faced by the society due to excessive generation of garbage. The municipal garbage as it is generated is a mixed bag of various household, commercial and industrial waste. It contains food waste, kitchen waste,organic matter,Plastics, paper,Metals, Construction and demolition debris, glass, porcelain and others. Lot of  moisture exists in garbage. 

Government authorities, non government organizations as well as waste management companies deploy various means for separation of the garbage. Physical segregation of the garbage by manual and mechanical means is also adopted though it is not efficient  nor hygienic. The segregation of garbage at household level is proving to be a non-starter as the enforcement of such measures is not possible. The banning of plastics is not asolution either as plastics are perhaps the cheapest and more environmentally friendly alternative to paper products, textiles etc. In other words, the segregation of household into organic matter, plastics, metals etc., is not a feasible option and not enforceable. Forced enforcement will lead to resentment in citizens and hence alternate methods must be evolved.

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