Algae to Diesel technology

Algae occupies vast areas of water bodies. Algae grown in lakes spoils the waters eventhough algae is an excellent de-pollutant for atmospheric emissions. Governments spend huge sums of money to clean the water bodies to remove algae. Algae growth in lakes and ponds is cleaned from time to time and allowed to biodegrade over a period of time.  Most of the algae is wasted though it is a valuable resource.

STEPS Algae to Diesel technology envisages to convert the sustainable biomass into fuels. This process has been developed to combat the dual menace of fuel shortage and the contamination of water bodies by algae. The importance of the technology is that the water bodies can be used as sustainable sources of fuels for the future. The greenhouse emissions if routed tho the water bodies will increase the growth of algae.The high growth algae can then be used a source for generting fuel for energy.