Algae to Diesel

The current Algae production is estimated to be 15,000,000 tons per year out of which only 10% is utilized for food and medicinal purposes and the rest is not harvested.This technology will act as a catalyst for the  growth of rural economies through alge farms and formulate an industry that can grow algae as a profession. This becomes a sustainbale source of energy for the industry and agriculture and there will be less dependence on fossil fuels making even small countires to acheve scale of economics that will develop underdeveloped societies. 

There are technologies being developed world-wide to convert algae into fuels. Most of the technologies have not crossed the concept stage. Some technologies developed are based on the conventional esterification technology which is expensive and realizes low yields. STEPS technology is new and  far ahead in application due to its uniqueness to accept wet algae of all kinds.