Petroleum Waste to Fuel technology

Sustainable Technologies & Environmental Projects Limited, have developed a new technology to process Hydrocarbon sludge, Vacuum Resid and other Petroleum wastes and convert the same into Synthetic oil, which is very similar in properties to diesel.

The new method has been developed after years of experience in handling, processing and converting the sludge to crude oil. The company and the company executives experience in handling bituminous material and converting the same to Residual Furnace Oil also helped in developing the new technology for the up-gradation of Vacuum Resid into lighter hydrocarbons. The experience gained from the field experience had given a direction to STEPS for developing  a method which will deliver true value to the refineries. Henceforth, petroleum sludge, Vacuum Resid and other low value petroleum wastes are no longer a problem but a perennial source of revenue for the refineries. The value of recovered oil adds to the bottom line of the refineries.