GREY WATER purification

“More than half of humanity will be living with water shortages, depleted fisheries and polluted coastlines within 50 years because of a worldwide water crisis, warns a United Nations report. Waste and inadequate management of water are the main culprits behind growing problems, says the study, the most comprehensive of its kind.

The United Nations Environment Programme, working with more than 200 water resource experts worldwide, has produced the report.” "Tens of millions of people don't have access to safe water. It is indeed a crisis,"says the report.The wide-ranging report, part of the UN's designation of 2003 as the International Year of Freshwater, also documents problems such as steep drops in the size of Asia's Aral Sea, Africa's Lake Chad and Iraq's Marshlands; the deterioration of coral reefs; and the rise of coastal waters because of climate changes. Some developing nations could face water shortages, crop failures and conflict over shrinking lakes and rivers if nothing is done to prevent wasteful irrigation and slow evaporation from reservoirs, and drinking-water systems are not repaired.”

The report from the United Nations is self-explanatory. We are consuming water  faster than the replenishment speed of the natural resources. It is estimated that the domestic water consumption is increasing at a rate of 4.2% Per annum. Of the water consumed domestically, more than 90% o the water is wasted and drains into the sewerages as adequate on-site water purification systems are available.

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