The cost of replenishment of water to our homes is a multi billion dollar exercise by various governmental and water board organizations. Most of the water we consume and waste as grey water is subsidized. Due to the looming global shortages of water, the domestic water supply will perhaps be the most affected and people will feel the shortages of water very soon. Already, limited supplies, sometimes total disruption of water supply to our homes is a common occurrence.

STEPS have developed  an  effective and  economical solution for  conservation of water.  The STEPS Grey Water Purification System is designed to purify the domestic grey water. This is a liquid catalyst system and uses an In-line devise which not only treats water, but also purifies it. The purity is up to such a high level that the treated water can be re-used for for domestic washing and cleaning needs.

The treated water removes bacteria, odours, turbidity, colour, sulphides and other contaminants, organic matter, oil and grease. After treatment, this water becomes crystal clear and pure  for reuse in domestic, horticulture or agricultural purposes.

The in-line catalyst devise will re-cycle more than 65% of the water that goes into the sewages and makes the water available for domestic use without having to depend on the public supply from government bodies. The cost of such purification is similar or less than the water treatment charges we pay. Besides, the 65% saving of water will put less pressure on our water resources and allow the aquifers to recharge in the natural replenishment speeds.