India Innovation Growth Programme

The DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program is a nation-wide project, created to enhance the growth and development of India's entrepreneurial economy. The Program is equally funded by Department of Science and Technology,Government of India and Lockheed Martin Corporation,  and was developed with the assistance of the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, IC2 Institute at the University of Texas, and Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(FICCI).

The program features a competitive selection process. Selected participants receive specialized training and funding opportunities. Top selectees become eligible to receive professional business development support to assist them in entering global markets.

Unique achievement

During the 1st year of this programme i.e.,2007, STEPS have won the Gold Medal for the innovative technology to convert waste plastics to fuel.

Again during the 2nd programme i.e.,2008, STEPS have won the Gold Medal for the technology for Grey Water purification.

Currently in 2009, STEPS have won the Gold Medal for the technology to produce Diesel from Algae.