Waste Plastics and polymers to Fuel

The world is facing the problem of disposal of waste plastics. The ease of
manufacture and the abundant availability of plastics in all wakes of life, have
created a situation where the useless and waste plastics from the abandoned
electronics, carry bags, automobile accessories etc. are piling up day by day
and there are no economical disposal methods are available. Unless,
economic disposal methods are found out, world will see the menace of soil
degradation, loss of water table and many other problems associated with the
non-biodegradable plastics.

Many technologies have been developed  to address this problem since past, but they have posed one limitation or the other.

Based on this reasoning, the novel POLYCRACK*process has been developed and successfully tested by STEPS. The main speciality of this process is  that all kinds of plastics, both recyclable and non-recyclable plastics are converted  into petroleum fuels, which can be used as alternate sources of fuels for industrial, residential and other needs.

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Patent pending*